We have curated a cross-functional team of fractional experts that delivers holistic and targeted solutions to address clients’ most common and uncommon organizational challenges.

This collaborative approach ensures comprehensive support for clients, unlocking their full potential for success.

The Connected Approach

An integrated approach to bolstering creativity, defining plans, and inspiring action.

Helping teams become more self-aware, trusting, collaborative, and accountable.

Developing the ends, ways, and means that connect the dots between vision and reality.

Structured analytic techniques, investigative skill, and honed intuition to deliver a clear path forward.

Our Strategic Team

We are a network of change agents with an innate passion for helping entrepreneurs succeed. Unbound offers entrepreneurs unfiltered access to a network of independent thinkers and doers.

Christian Jennings


Dean Bendschu

Executive Advisor



Strategic Partners

Ben Blakenship
Scale Up

Implementing scaling platforms to achieve organizational objectives

Tracy Philips

Preparing visionaries in leadership and performance for the next stage of growth

Dave Roscoe

Helping visionary leaders navigate and thrive in a changing world of HR

Frank Antunez

Supporting teams with finance tools to drive growth, profitability, and cash flow

Chris Bettin

Creative Director; Brand & Creative Strategy; Creative Production