There are two distinct types of leaders in every successful entrepreneurial company, the “visionary” and the “integrator.” One sees the future, the other makes it happen. We make it happen!

Ultimately,  integrators free up visionaries to do what they do best by filling a void that undermines most entrepreneurial companies by harmoniously uniting the major functions of your business, creating focus, accountability and alignment.

Great Question. No two Integrators are alike, they fall somewhere on a wide spectrum from a skilled PMP to a strategic planner and advisor. W are a strategic planner and advisor, which means our role is more of the builder. Our team members step in and build the key foundational elements needed to ensure you’re successful – that’s step 1. Step 2 is then establishing the right Integrator profile for you and helping you find your long-term, full time solution

An implementer is your coach, or your guide. They’re an outside consultant that will ask the questions to help you get to the right answer, guide you and show you a path forward but it’s up to you to take it from there. 

An Integrator is your partner. They embed themselves into your organization, help you develop a strategic path forward then parachute in and help you implement and execute on that plan. Integrators become an extension of your team. 

Consider our partnership a path from concept to fruition based on the outcomes needed. Our strategic partnership provides a unique opportunity to align your vision, gain clarity, and enhance organizational focus by embedding our adaptive role into your business to bring about creative solutions.

We have over 20 years of experience working in startup settings where we have played both the visionary and integrator roles. We can empathize with the common challenges and frustrations faced by most visionaries because we have been there. The secret sauce is the ability to create a bridge from one to the other,  playing the role that best suits the company’s needs.  

Through strategic planning, we identify the roles and skills needed and assign accountability to each role. We then utilize culture index to assess your current team to ensure you have the right people in the right seats, and to identify any gaps. Then we optimize your recruitment process and attract the right individuals to fuel your growth.

The right talent is someone that has a combination of the right skills and is aligned to your core values. We approach talent acquisition by ensuring you have the right team structure in place, accountability by role is established and your core values are clearly defined. 

Absolutely! Ultimately, we provide a fresh perspective and a strategic path forward. 

By ensuring all core business components are aligned, together we can overcome stagnation, solve key issues, identify opportunities, and position your business for sustained success. This process typically includes a combination of leadership team alignment, revisiting your business strategy to ensure it supports your business goals, analyzing and optimizing your key cashflow drivers, ensuring your have the right people in the right seats and identifying and solving issues or hurdles in your way.

Our background and experience is grounded in the startup and SMB space. We’re industry agnostic and have worked with organizations across industries from SaaS solutions to eCommerce Brands to Marketing agencies but the one thing they all have in common is that they’re either in startup mode or in growth mode and need help taking their organization to the next level. This is where we excel and is at the core of where we focus our time and energy.

This will be very dependent on the goals we establish and varies company to company but generally speaking, you can expect: 

  • Leadership Alignment
  • Establishment of Accountability across disciplines and with your leadership
  • The right business strategy and organizational structure firmly in place
  • And for those companies that are very much growth minded, results will be based on the specific goals we establish. A few examples of goals we’ve set with previous clients and the actual outcomes include:

A. Meeting Aggressive M&A Goals

The Ask: Grow us from a $40MM to a $150MM valuation to sale in 2.5 years

The Result: Reached this goal a full year ahead of schedule and supported the client through a successful acquisition.

B. Make Them Profitable 

The Ask: Make us Profitable – the company was generating revenue but with negative profitability

The Result: Took them from a -2% avg. Net Profit to a 54% Average net profit within the first 3 months.

C. Get Our Company Running Like a Well Oiled Machine

The Ask: Help us successfully implement EOS into our organization

The Result: Established the core business components as defined by EOS’s Operating System (Traction), established leadership alignment and leadership meeting cadence, restructured the organization to ensure the right people were in the right positions and brought the vision to life for the company by providing clarity, establishing consistent communication and driving company culture efforts.

Unbound Consulting is our core brand. Simply put, we specialize in business strategy and operational design. 


The Impact Collaborative is an end-to-end fractional solution for those core clients that need support from multiple disciplines but do not have the funding or resources to hire and train full-time staff. The collaboration becomes your core leadership team, offering strategic solutions across your core operations disciplines (Finance, Operations, HR, FP&A, and more). 


It is a collaboration between 5 independent consulting firms, each with a specific focus area that work together as one cohesive unit. Our collaboration allows us to continue to provide elegant, cost effective solutions to our clients without jeopardizing the strategic, fully connected approach required for success. You can learn more about the Impact Collaborative HERE.

Cost and pricing vary and are all based on specific client needs and the amount of time we’re dedicating to each client on a weekly and/or monthly basis. In general, you can expect a pricing structure that follows our proven process:

  • Initial Engagement: Every new engagement begins with a workshop. This is a short-term discovery and planning phase. Pricing is based on a set fee and number of participants: 
    • ½ day Discovery and Problem-Solving Workshop – $3,500
    • Full-day Workshop, Discovery, Quarterly Planning & Organizational Structure Workshop – $5,000
    • Two-day Workshop, Discovery, Business strategy, Organizational Structure & Team Assessment, FP&A, Annual and/or Quarterly Planning – $10,000
  • Ongoing Support: Following the workshop, we provide a plan for how we’ll support you and your organization on an ongoing basis. Pricing is based on either a specific package or customized based on needs. We are more than happy to provide these packages for consideration up front.