Bringing entrepreneurial visions to life by untangling the web of chaos, issues, and opportunities every startup and small business owner experiences to bring focus, clarity and a strategic path forward.

Break Free from the Status Quo

While entrepreneurs can initially find success doing it all alone, eventually that will catch up to them. It can leave you feeling frustrated over the lack of control, profit, people issues, stagnation, and the sense that nothing is working. What got you here today is not what will get you where you need to go.

You need a strategic partner; an Integrator. Integrators are vision makers. They can immerse themselves in any business, harmoniously uniting the major functions of a business, keep the trains running on time and create focus, accountability and alignment. A process that will enhance the effectiveness of your business’s mission and vision.

What would happen to your business if you could utilize your greatest skill set more often without the daily minutiae holding you back?

Hello, I’m CJ,

In 2015, I co-founded a successful business as a visionary alongside a like-minded partner. Over time, I transitioned into the role of integrator, leveraging both my visionary and integrator sides to propel the company forward. 

Now, my passion for aiding entrepreneurs has led me to excel as an Integrator. This invaluable experience grants me deep insights into bridging the gap between visionaries and integrators. I have firsthand knowledge of the struggles each role faces, enabling me to provide practical guidance from a unique perspective.

As an advocate for fostering big ideas and executing them effectively, I actively welcome discussions that challenge the status quo, pushing boundaries and driving innovation. My expertise lies in translating these ambitious concepts into a strategic roadmap, offering clarity, prioritization, and focus.

This transformative approach empowers entrepreneurs to rethink their visions, resulting in more profitable and productive outcomes.

The question that has echoed in my mind is: How can I assist as many entrepreneurs as possible in achieving success, unbounded by the limitations imposed by conventional full-time roles?

The answer became clear—I needed to break free.

The Answer...Becoming Unbound

No longer confined to a single role, process, or pricing model, We are able to prioritize what’s best for ur clients. Drawing on an integrated marketing and operational design expertise, coupled with previous experience as COO/EOS Integrators, we deliver maximum value to our clients.

I am unbound and unrestricted by internal resources, rigid processes, or agency pricing models. This freedom allows me to craft unique solutions that are elegant, flexible, cost-effective, and tailored specifically to meet my clients’ diverse needs, enabling both short-term wins and long-term growth.

Core Values

Challenging the Norm

Unbound by Conformity

We believe there is always an elegant, strategic and cost-effect solution to any opportunity or problem.

Unbound by

We have the knowledge, resources and experience to navigate even the most challenging paths.

Unbound by

We live life in the “what if”, we see possibilities everywhere we go and we cannot wait to bring those to our clients.

Unbound by Traditional Models

We bring the flexibility to change course and bring in the right resources at the right time rather than sticking to a rigid structure.

Unbound by

We’ve chosen the consulting path because it gives us the opportunity to do what we love without lack of control that comes with working for someone else.

Our Process

Unlock Your Potential

Discover the possibilities

Participate in a strategy workshop that provides an overarching plan for the next steps

Partner with Unbound

Embed an experienced integrator on your team and receive ongoing support

Experience Freedom

Scale to the growth you envision and continue to do what you do best

Experience the freedom to grow, to succeed and to unleash your vision's full potential

What Others Say...


CJ gets Visionaries.  This is a gift that is quite unique and much needed in this industry, as so many company leads are visionary.  Being able to truly understand, communicate and partner with this unique type of creative and fast-paced individual in a way that offers structure, organization and clarity without her clients feeling boxed, managed or pushed aside is the talent and value that CJ brings to the table … each and every time.  She’s my go-to when a client needs to bring order to chaos within their company, while being supported to continue to do what they do so well, which is to create and innovate

Traci Philips

Founder & Executive Coach


CJ can move a business forward. She has the ability to assess situations and solve problems, build a team, create processes, cultivate culture and build relationships.  With extensive knowledge of the EOS model, she can step in as an organization’s Integrator and get the job done.

She is the right fit for any team that will appreciate her experience and can lean on her to be the pulse of their organization!

Jessica McCleany,

Senior Director